Elizabeth Warren’s Invite Only “Listening Tour” is Tone-Deaf

Elizabeth Warren has launched a listening tour across Massachusetts, exploring her options for a potential Senate run against Scott Brown. However, the listening tour is invite only and is not open to the public.

From the Boston Herald:

Warren has been traveling the state on a listening tour, but it is not exactly public friendly or anything akin to shaking hands at Fenway. The invitation-only meetings are not open to the press or the general public. It is the sort of thing you would expect from an elite Harvard professor from Oklahoma…

During these secret meetings, Warren has been touting her middle-class credentials.

As a Harvard professor married to another Harvard professor, she may find connecting with middle-class voters a tough sell, and these closed-door meetings don’t seem to be any help in that regard.

If Elizabeth Warren wants to really hear what the people of Massachusetts are saying, she should host public events and make herself available to the people of Massachusetts instead of holding secret and private events with political insiders.

Her lack of transparency and regard for openly hearing what people have to say is telling more about her than her pre-campaign rhetoric.

Elizabeth Warren is Far from Middle Class

Elizabeth Warren launched an exploratory campaign for US Senate in Massachusetts, focusing on targeting the middle class. But don’t take our word for it- in a recent piece she posted on Blue Mass, a leftist commentary website, she mentions the middle class not once, not twice, but 6 times:

What it means to be middle class in this country – having a good job, owning a home, putting together the money to pay for college – seems to be slipping out of reach…. Today, it’s harder than ever for middle class families in Massachusetts and across the country to get by…. I believed it could help make a real difference in the lives of middle class families… I don’t plan to stop fighting for middle class families…. It is time for me to think hard about what role I can play next to help rebuild a middle class…. We need to… start measuring it by how many families can stand securely in the middle class.

(Bolding added for emphasis)

However, in the middle of all of this speak about classes, does Warren actually know about what she speaks?

From the Boston Herald:

Warren’s Harvard salary in 2009 was $349,000, which is rich by Obama’s definition and hardly middle class by any measure. (I wonder if she chooses the option to pay more on her state income taxes.)

“Commonwealth voters know and love Scott Brown. He is one of us. Who is this Elizabeth? Most women with that name go by Betty or Beth,” said Angela Davis, a member of the Republican State Committee. “Transplanting from Oklahoma and then becoming part of the D.C. insider crowd doesn’t exactly reek ‘down to earth.’ ”

When the public is allowed to talk with Warren, she will have a lot of explaining to do about her role in overseeing TARP. Taxpayer funded bailouts of large financial institutions are not exactly polling well these day with the middle class.

Not only is Warren not among those in the middle class she speaks so highly of, she was a part of the problem in bailing out financial institutions, and the rich executives she continually attacks.